EM Deliberate Practice Courses

Covid Airway Safety Course

Overview of the Covid Airway Safety Course with Dr. Chris Keefer.

The Covid Airway Safety Course is a Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMED) resource created by Dr. Chris Keefer. The following people provided advice and assistance in the preparation of resource: Dr Rebecca Brown, Kari White RT, Paula Lantomasi RT and Dr. Hanzla Tariq. The course is offered in the GTA and surrounding regions by Dr. Chris Keefer and Dr. Rebecca Brown. For more information or to inquire about course scheduling, contact Dr. Keefer. Course documents and videos are hyperlinked below.

Curriculum PDF

Instructor’s Notes PDF

Site Director Logistics PDF

Scheduler PDF

Video: Covid Scrub

The Covid Surgical Scrub.

Video: Donning Airborne PPE

Video: Doffing Airborne PPE

Video: Equipment Organization

Equipment Organization.

Video: Team Organization

Team Organization.

Protected Intubation Protocol

Downloadable PDF Version available here.


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